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#Nurture1516 – The collation

Back at the end of December 2012, what has now become a tradition of review blog posts was born. It carries the tag #Nurture then the date of the year passing and that of the year coming in. So we are now looking at #Nurture1516.Originally, there were rules about how many reflections you should list but as the year numbers […]

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A history of the world in 2 mins!

Hold onto your seat, don’t blink your eyes for a second! This is amazing. Seventeen year old Joe Bush got a high school assignment to make a video reproduction.  He chose history as a theme and tucked it all into two minutes. Took pictures from the internet, added the track Mind Heist by Zack Hemsey (from the movie Inception) and then you get […]

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#Nurture 1415

This will be my third year of taking part in the Nurture posts. As @chocoTzar says, in twitter terms that is a LONG time! I’m quite proud to still be in there and certainly social media has given me some great moments. The ‘rules’ for this year have been set to make posts a little less like War and Peace and […]

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We need some balance

As a keen blogger and tweep, I have been saddened by the outpourings from teachers on Twitter and via blogs recently. Nothing in their world seems to be right. Whether it is Ofsted, Michael Gove, licensing, the curriculum or their SLT –  life seems to be cruel. I am no longer in paid employment of any sort but am active […]

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