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#Nurture 1415

This will be my third year of taking part in the Nurture posts. As @chocoTzar says, in twitter terms that is a LONG time! I’m quite proud to still be in there and certainly social media has given me some great moments. The ‘rules’ for this year have been set to make posts a little less like War and Peace and […]

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We have to use what we've got

So the DfE wants governing bodies to be run in a business like manner. I see nothing wrong in that providing they are successful businesses that have the best interest of their clients and workforce at their heart. Of course, most board members will either be head hunted or paid enormous salaries to bring their expertise to the table. Now, […]

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That September feeling

As Michael Tidd in his ‘…And so it begins’ post, there are going to be lots of posts from teachers and educationalists about returning to school in September. ‘Mummy bloggers’ will also put fingers to keys to express concerns on behalf of their children, so the internet will be full of posts about excitement, trepidation and in some cases – […]

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The Secret Illness

The subject of mental health is considered taboo in most professions. It is the thing that you don’t talk about mainly because of the stigma attached to it. Last night, Clarke Carlisle, chairman of the Professional Footballers Association, explored the effect of mental illness among some of the most highly paid people around. In ‘Football’s Suicide Secret’ he spoke to […]

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