Governance support


Being a school governor can be the best job in the world. Of course, it isn’t a job in the normal sense of the word as it is unpaid but it is still very enjoyable and extremely satisfying.


Things are changing

The role of the governor is no longer restricted to just attending meetings, giving out prizes and generally being an all round ‘good egg’!

Now, with the inspection regime and greater accountability being placed on the shoulders of  governors, your knowledge really does need to be up to date and often includes topics that you had no idea schools dealt with.


How I can help!

My experience as a trustee of a small MAT, chair of various governing boards across Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Special gives me an insight into the processes as well as the content facing governors.

These are some of the ways I can support you:

  • Carrying out a basic health check of your work
  • Support the production of an action plan
  • Provide guidance for named governors and the best way to carry out their roles
  • Support the performance management process across the school
  • Support clerks in minute taking and basic procedures
  • Specific support for chairs of boards and committees
  • Dealing with official reports from LA, Ofsted, external inspections

…and much more!


Let’s start a conversation

Each school is different and needs different things. Give me a call so we can see what YOUR governing board’s requirements are and we can make a start in making you even more effective!

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