Over recent months I have designed a number of presentations that would support your Board. They go together in a series but are perfectly sound as stand-alone sessions.

Each can be adapted to your own circumstances and can be designed to last between 30 – 90 minutes. Costs will be much reduced if the session is held virtually.

More will be added over the next few months. However, if there is something you specifically would like help with, please contact me using the CONTACT FORM


Quality of Education

This session looks at the new framework from Ofsted, interrogates the 3 Is from a governor’s perspective and explores the curriculum and how to monitor and evaluate it.


Link roles

This session will explore the thinking behind having link roles and how they can benefit school improvement. We will look at how to appoint a governor to them, arrange school visits, and conduct them so that they are a valuable experience for both governors and staff. We will then look at how to feedback to the Board.



One of the key skills of governors is their ability to ask the right questions. This session will look at what a ‘right’ question is as well as how non-educationalist can ask them. We will also share some examples of appropriate questions across a number of roles as well as the general topics that occur in meetings regularly.


The Head’s report

It is probably the one document that causes the most angst. This interactive session looks at the purpose of the Headteacher’s report, who ‘owns’ it, what it should contain and what it does not need to have. More A4 than War and Peace!


From note-taker to governance professional

This workshop looks at how boards can develop their clerks to be the integral member of the team that they should be.


Working successfully with governors

This session is for senior school leaders and outlines the specific roles that they and the board has. It offers a range of suggestions and questions as well as an opportunity to share your experiences.


Get in touch if you need something not listed and we can develop it for you!