Aveley Primary does the challenges!

Aveley primary

Context Aveley Primary School in Essex had dabbled into 100 Word Challenge but they had not grabbed it and really embedded it so I visited for a couple of days. The school has class blogs set up for each class, including reception but not all were being used regularly. I was to work with Year 2, 4 and 6 using […]

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It’s amazing how playdough can get anxious kids talking!


  We’ve all had them in our classrooms. Those children who clearly are upset, unsettled and generally not happy. They may show it in anger, low-level disruption or even outright rudeness. They may also refuse to engage in anything no matter how whizzy you make it. Trying to get through the barrier they have put up can be really difficult. It may […]

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How to teach singing for the scared to death!

how to teach singing

  As a teacher, there were two subjects I dreaded having to teach – science and music. Now the former was just a complete mystery to me. I had no interest in formulas, chemicals or how things grew. The latter was more about a lack of confidence because as a singer and musician (I played the recorder and clarinet) I loved […]

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How to tattoo your laptop with amazing art!

Visual Stickery

  As both a teacher and a head teacher I had to have a good supply of stickers. These were for big as well as small people! We all love a sticker because they show achievement and recognition. That’s why when you give blood there is a selection of stickers for you to wear with pride. They can also easily express […]

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5 Ways to Use Outdoor School Playground Equipment

Outdoor school playground equipement

  Finding time for outdoor play at school can be tricky, especially in an already over-saturated curriculum. However, studies show that the time children spend outdoors is currently well below recommended levels. For the most part, this is to due to an overabundance of technology at home, but the onus is also on schools to provide opportunities for quality outdoor […]

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How will governors approach the new school year?

How will governors approach the new school year

Social media has been full of new starts by teachers but I was interested in another key group in education and have asked ‘ how will governors approach the new school year?’   Getting the right skills in the right places Nowadays, the role of the board of governors is a world away from the kindly group of individuals who […]

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