What makes a good leader?

what makes a good leader?

There is a huge industry that has been built up around leadership but actually, what makes a good leader? It would seem that the business or enterprise really doesn’t matter because there are traits in the styles of leadership that can be found in all walks of life. However, I think they have over complicated things. Having the role of […]

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What happens when Ofsted don’t call?

When Ofsted don't call

In the present climate of inspection and judgement, you’d think being left off the list would be manna to a school, but what is it like when Ofsted don’t call?   The preparation We know we shouldn’t teach to the test or even have half an eye on what inspection teams may want, but we all do it. So, each […]

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Should Christmas in schools be banned?

gift giving in schools

I don’t mean getting rid of Christmas but I have been thinking about presents and I was wondering if there should be a policy about gift giving in schools. Now, this may sound like policy writing gone mad, like in the good old days that if it moved you wrote a policy about it. I don’t mean that and actually, […]

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