Lack of trained staff will impact a key life skill for pupils!

swimming teachers

GB Olympic medallists Becky Adlington, Steve Parry and Beth Tweddle have launched a national campaign, including an investment of £3m, to drive forward the recruitment of children’s swimming and gymnastic teachers. Crisis in swimming The Olympians have warned that there is a staffing crisis, in swimming in particular. There was a shortage of trained swimming teachers pre-Covid but the pandemic […]

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Can ‘Schools COP’ provide realistic but amazing solutions to net zero?

Schools COP

Revolutionary engineering ideas – Schools COP – proposed by secondary school students will be debated in classrooms across the UK as part of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week (8 to 12 November 2021). Proposals include ways that engineers can help efforts to improve biodiversity on land and at sea and the development of self-sufficient agri-biomes for farm animals to capture methane so […]

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3 Amazing wellbeing webinars to support your work!


Once again we have some fabulous wellbeing webinars from Pooky Knightsmith. These will be focus on three areas of wellbeing including two for specific disability groups & another that looks at Maslow’s Hierachy. Also, check out those that were specifically for Staff Well-being   Title: Emotional wellbeing for children with severe and profound intellectual/learning disabilities  Date: 24th of November at 4pm UK […]

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School’s Out Forever: Is It Time to Call It a Day on School Uniform?

School uniform

School uniform is a staple of the British education system. A variety of brazen blazer colours, tartan skirts, shirts, and striped ties certainly live up to the organisational structure of schools that are represented in movies such as Harry Potter and St Trinian’s. There’s no formal history of the school uniform; however, it is believed to have originated in 1552 […]

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58 schools make huge investment to become eco-friendly

Becoming eco-friendly

  Two of the North East’s largest Catholic education trusts have come together and developed a major energy efficiency programme to improve the green credentials of their schools and make them more eco-friendly. A key part of the programme has involved a £1.85 million joint trust investment for a LED lighting replacement programme, removing over 1,100 tonnes of carbon every […]

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Could your CPR save the life of someone having a heart attack?

CPR information from the British Heart Foundation Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, there are several important changes to CPR advised by the Resuscitation Council UK. If you find someone unconscious follow these simple steps: Step 1: Shake and shout If you come across someone who is unconscious, always check for danger and look for risks before you start helping. […]

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Resources for staff well-being.

Staff well-being

    Another great set of resources from Dr Pooky Knightsmith for schools. Today she is concentrating on staff well-being. With staff wellbeing topping the concerns that leaders have talked to me about this week, here are some courses and resources to help you with this very important topic… I hope they’re helpful…if they are, please share them. Upcoming webinar: School […]

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