I need your HELP!

Many of you I hope will know of the 100 Word Challenge! It is a weekly challenge for children under 16 years where they are given a prompt and have to write a creative piece using only 100 words. The prompt can be a few connected words, some individual words or a picture. It is hopefully something that will spark […]

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I Need Your HELP!

100 Word Challenge is growing!  That is great news. It means that even more children are being inspired to share their writing with the world. In case you have not heard of 100WC (where have you been! 😉 ) it is a weekly writing challenge where children are given a prompt of a few words or a picture. They then […]

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Wise After the Event!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing apart from when it makes you feel a bit daft. You know those times when something happens and you think ‘Yes, I should have thought of that!’. Well that has happened over at 100WC.net.  As you will know if you visit, we showcase some entries each week as a way of providing even more kudos […]

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