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The 100 Word Challenge for children is G-RO-W-I-N-G! We have a new blog!

What we need now is more folks to join Team 100WC to comment on the fantastic writing the children are doing. It would involve commenting on around 12 pieces across a week. Not much time needed but it makes SUCH a difference.

Leave a comment or tweet me (@theheadsoffice) for more details!

The children need you!

100 Word Challenge – Week#14

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Creative writing for under 16s in 100 words

Well, you have asked for some amazing things for Christmas! Thank you all for taking the time during a very busy time at school to write for the 100 Word Challenge. Thank you too to all the teachers who have supported you. Once again, choosing the Showcase was VERY difficult!

********** WEEK #13 SHOWCASE **********

Henry from High Lawn

Charlie from Cragside

Marley Class Ash St Andrews

Rebecca from Brunswick House


We are all looking forward to breaking up for Christmas I’m sure. This prompt will stay open until 3rd January and I hope to be able to comment on them all as well as members of Team 100WC so I do hope you will all find some time to have a go!

The prompt is very seasonal but I want you to think really hard before doing your writing.

….in 2012 I hope for…

If you are a new visitor to this challenge, please read THIS to get all the details.

Now there is only one thing left for me to do for this year’s 100WC and that’s to wish you ALL, a

Glitter Words - http://www.sparklee.com

100 Word Challenge – Week#13

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100 Word Challenge

I was delighted with the variety of story-lines people took last week for the photograph of the shadows. If you haven’t had time to read them you will find them HERE. I decided to make the Showcase bigger this week so that more of your great pieces could be shared!

********** WEEK#12 SHOWCASE **********

Reiss from St Thomas More

Jenny Yr.3 from the Deans

Phoebe from SJB Teaching

Charlotte from Brunswick House

Annalise from High Lawn



Next week’s Challenge will go up on TUESDAY 13th December and close on 3rd JANUARY so there will be plenty of time for you all to enter over the holidays!


Now for this week’s prompt. It is very seasonal but I want you to really be creative! I don’t qwant a list of everything. Pick one or two unusual items and really explore why you might chose them. The prompt is:

…All I want for Christmas is…

If you are new to the 100 Word Challenge please read HERE for more information and directions on how to link.

This link will stay open until midnight on 13th December. Don’t forget to visit other entries. By sharing and commenting we can help make the writing even better!

100 Word Challenge Instructions!

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The 100 Word Challenge is a weekly creative writing challenge for children under 16 years of age. A prompt is provided either of a few words, some individual words or a picture. Children then have 100 words to complete a creative piece. This is thenposted to the class blog then linked to this blog. I hope these details help:

Posting and Linking:

  • If the post is in words, the children must use them in their writing using only 100 additional words.
  • If the post is a picture, they have 100 words to write a creative piece that is inspired by the picture
  • Their piece is posted on the class blog
  • The URL of their POST is linked to the Head’s Office through the link at the bottom of the post. This means that each piece is linked INDIVIDUALLY


  • Other children and Team 100WC visit class blogs to comment
  • Make sure that it is easy to comment – so no – need to register / passwords / other restrictions
  • Get someone to test your commenting system out if you are new to it (I’m happy to help!)
  • Encourage your children to visit other entries to leave constructive comments.

The key to the success of the 100 Word Challenge is that children get feedback on their work so we really need comments to be easy to leave!

Do let me know if any of these instructions don’t make sense!

See you on the challenge!

100 Word Challenge – Week#12

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Some pieces are not being linked correctly so they are not getting any comments. The URL that you link must be the POST not the blog! If you are not sure please tweet me or leave a comment below!

Lots of you really enjoy the 5 word prompts and I know from Team 100WC that there were lots of different topics and themes. Well done everyone! Here is this week’s showcase:-

**********WEEK#11 SHOWCASE **********

Ellie from Staining

Heena & Simrah from Breckon Hill

Anthony from Alton


This week’s prompt is a picture. Really think about your piece. Writing a plan before hand may help get your ideas into a good order. Don’t forget, you can only use 100 words!

The link will close on 6th Dec.

If you are new to 100 Word Challenge, you write a creative piece based on this picture, post it on your class blog then you or your teacher links it below. Make sure you visit other entries and leave some constructive comments so that we help improve writing!