Lessons disrupted – again!

Yet again disruptive behaviour seems to have reared its ugly head! An experienced speaker, positive, upbeat person and ex deputy head Sue Atkins was really distressed that even her normal ‘I can get them to listen’ approach failed today when she was speaking to a group of youngsters about how to beat bullying. She came away questioning whether society is […]

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Learning through looking!

The definition of teaching is ‘Impart knowledge or skill; give instruction to’ (Oxford dictionary 1966) That presumes action, interaction & ‘doing something. In his really interesting article ‘Just Watching’ Oliver Quinlan explores the need teachers seem to have to constantly engage with pupils. As a head teacher I had the privilege of going into classrooms

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What did you learn today?

When I was at school, the teachers were expected to teach me the ‘three Rs’. For those youngsters amongst you that is Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.  Whichever way you look at it, that is wrong in the literate package of reading, spelling & speaking & listening! I never understood how that set a good example for the teaching and learning […]

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