Disruptive behaviour – revisited

After the emotional roller coaster of my DS wedding, I have decided to take a few days off from the blog. I can’t bear the thought of you not finding something to look at though Dear Reader so will post some guest posts from people  that you may have missed! ************************ This post was origianlly published by Sue Atkins on […]

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Behaviour in school – whose responsibility is it?

In an article reviewing the 2010 Behaviour Survey  by Parentline Plus, Teacher Support Network(TSN)and the National Union of Teachers,  Sue Atkins highlights concerns that behaviour in schools has declined over a number of years. Among the statistics quoted by the educational professionals surveyed are that 70% of teachers have thought about leaving the profession because of this increase, 81% have […]

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Great Expectations and Blank Pages!

We are coming to the end of the long summer holidays and for many parents, children and people in the education sector, it is a time of new beginnings. This is the time of the blank piece of paper. Sometimes during my first assembly of the year I would mention blank pieces of paper. I would show the children the […]

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