Keeping up with Technology #3

This is the final of the short series of guest posts looking at the use of technology in schools. Here are Part One and Part Two. We return to Michael Shepherd for our third reflection where he shows how far ahead the children may already be! The Original article is here ‘The New Currency’ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The principle goal of education […]

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Keeping Up With Technology #2

This is the second in a short series from guest writers. The first can be seenhere. Today’s contribution comes from Neil Finney who is a teacher in Ontario, Canada. The original article can be seen here  ‘Should Mobiles be Allowed in Class?’ It would seem that the UK is not the only place where mobile technology appears to be getting in the way of […]

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Keeping up with Technology #1-

I follow a lot of enthralling blogs, reading really thought provoking articles. I have recently come across some posts by two writers that I really enjoy. They have been writing about similar subjects and I felt that together they made a good series. The first is by Michael Shepherd who is a headteacher in Blackpool. The original article can be seen here […]

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